Essay: Why All Pet Reptiles Need UVB Light

boa under UVB

Many people mistakenly argue that UVB is not necessary for reptiles in captivity, and that it is optional or should not be used at all for certain species. These outdated, folklore-based beliefs harm hundreds and thousands of pet reptiles every year. In this guest post, Liam Sinclair of Reptiles and Research provides a brief essay on how UVB works and why it should be a requirement for all pet reptiles, not just some. Continue Reading


YOUTUBE – Talking About the Benefits of Bioactive Enclosures with The Bio Dude

the bio dude reptifiles video bioactive loose substrate

We touched a bit on the subject of bioactive enclosures back when Josh Halter of The Bio Dude contributed his article, How to Build a Bioactive Terrarium for Your Reptile: An Introduction. The article introduced us to bioactive enclosures, but in this YouTube video, Josh and I expand on this post. We discuss the benefits of bioactive and naturalistic setups, plus one common dilemma that faces people who are considering making the switch. Continue Reading