red eared slider pyramiding

Pyramiding is the excessive upward growth of the scutes on a turtle’s shell. As a result, each scute becomes pyramid-like in shape, or “bumpy.” This condition is more common in tortoises than aquatic turtles, but it is still a possibility for red-eared slider.


  • Bumpy shell


  • Overfeeding
  • Excess protein in the diet
  • Excess fat in the diet
  • Not enough calcium
  • Not enough UVB
  • Not enough exercise
  • Genetic defect

Research has proven that calcium/phosphorus imbalance does not cause pyramiding in red-eared sliders.


Pyramiding can’t be reversed, sadly, but you can prevent further damage. Read the ReptiFiles Red Eared Slider Care Guide, evaluate your husbandry, and correct any deficiencies.


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