Reptile Rescues

These rescues are legitimate reptile rescues doing good work in your community, not hoarders. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt right now, donations are always appreciated (and a great way to help make a difference in the reptile hobby)!


Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary — Based in Scottsdale. Volunteers accepted. Accepts surrenders.

Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue & Education — Based in Tucson. Accepts surrenders. Unable to take aquatic turtles or desert tortoises.

The Haus of Voodoo — Based in Payson.


American Tortoise Rescue — Based in Malibu. Specializes in turtles and tortoises.

California Turtle & Tortoise Club — Based in Van Nuys. Specializes in turtles and tortoises.

JnW Reptile Rescue — Accepts surrenders. Snake relocation services available.

Mutt Hut Rescue — Foster program available.


Georgia Reptile Society — Foster program available. Accepts surrenders.


Southern Idaho Reptile Rescue — Based in Buhl. Offers rehabilitation and rehoming services for reptiles. Accepts surrenders.


Copper’s Friends Bearded Dragon Rescue — Based in Decatur.


Crimson Exotics — Foster locations in Kansas, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Washington. Surrenders accepted. Shipping available.


Herp Haven Reptile Rescue & Sanctuary — Based in Brunswick. Accepts volunteers and surrenders. Foster program available. Does not ship.

Mr. Drew and His Animals Too — Based in Lewiston. Feeder insects available for sale at physical storefront.


Medusa’s Misfit Rescue — Based in Westminster. Specializes in reptiles who need medical attention. Does not ship.


Redfoot Reptile Rescue Programs — Based in Whitman. Works with both reptiles and amphibians in need of a new home, medical attention, or husbandry correction. Accepts surrenders, although a fee may be charged.


Saving Scales Reptile Rescue of Michigan — Based in Lansing.

Wild Whiskers — Based in Kalamazoo. Accepts surrenders.


Crimson Exotics — Foster locations in Kansas, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Washington. Surrenders accepted. Shipping available.

Resource for Iguana Care and Adoption — Based in St. Paul. Green iguanas only. Volunteers welcome. Does not ship, but is willing to transport to surrounding states for the right adopter.

Snake Discovery’s Adoption Island — Based in Maplewood. Accepts surrenders, with the exception of aquatic turtles. Does not ship.


Central Mississippi Turtle Rescue — Based in Florence. Specializes in turtles and tortoises, releasing native species back into the wild and rehoming the others. Sponsorship and foster programs available.


The Three Sisters Exotic Rescue & Sanctuary — Based in St. Louis.

New Jersey

Crimson Exotics — Foster locations in Kansas, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Washington. Surrenders accepted. Shipping available.

New York

Hudson Valley Reptile and Rescue — Offers educational presentations as well as an adoption program. Accepts surrenders.

Rhonda’s Reptiles — Based in New Lebanon.

Second Chance Bird & Reptile Rescue — Foster-based rescue organization. Accepts surrenders.

North Carolina

Be Wild Reptile Rescue — Based in Durham. Unable to take in yellow-bellied sliders, red-eared sliders, or iguanas. Sponsorships available. Volunteers accepted.

Fresh Start Rescue — Does not accept aquatic turtles. Sponsorships available. Internships available, volunteers welcome. Accepts surrenders. Offers reptile boarding.

North Dakota

Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic Rescue — Based in Bottineau. Accepts surrenders. Appointments only.


Arrowhead Reptile Rescue — Does not ship.

Herps Alive Foundation — Based in South Euclid. Volunteers welcome.


Beautiful Dragons Reptile Rescue — Based in Albany.


Christina’s Reptile and Animal Sanctuary — Based in Palmerton. Accepts surrenders.

Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary — Based in Elm. Accepts surrenders.

Heart Reptile Rescue and Sanctuary — Accepts surrenders, but does not take aquatic turtles or iguanas.

Marie Exotics Reptile Rescue — Based in Washington. Accepts surrenders, but does not take aquatics.

Moonlit Jungle Rescue — Based in Lilitz. Accepts surrenders. Volunteers welcome. Offers zero-cost education programs to education groups.


Eden Animal Sanctuary — Based in Spring Branch. Specializes in turtles and tortoises. Does not ship.

Lumpy Lizard Reptile, Poultry, and Exotics Rescue — Based in Edna.


Wasatch Exotics Rescue — Based in Sandy. Shipping is available to the lower 48 states.


Safe Haven Critter Rescue — Based in Burlington. Foster-to-adopt available. Surrenders accepted.


Blue Ridge Reptile Rescue — Based in Fairfield. Accepts surrenders, may ship. Also sells used reptile equipment.

Central Virginia Reptile Rescue — Based in the Richmond area. Accepts surrenders, does not ship.


Crimson Exotics — Foster locations in Kansas, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Washington. Surrenders accepted. Shipping available.


Badgerland Reptile Rescue — Based in Kenosha. Accepts surrenders. Foster program available.

J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue — Based in Menasha. Accepts surrenders. Sponsors welcome.

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