Reptile Rescues

These rescues are legitimate reptile rescues doing good work in your community, not hoarders. Even if you aren’t ready to adopt right now, donations are always appreciated!


Ec•lec•teri Tortoise & Reptile Rescue/Sanctuary — Based in Casa Grande.

Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary — Based in Scottsdale. Volunteers accepted. Accepts surrenders.

Sarah’s Bearded Dragon Rescue — Willing to ship to approved adoptive “parents.”

Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue & Education — Based in Tucson. Accepts surrenders. Unable to take aquatic turtles or desert tortoises.

The Haus of Voodoo — Based in Payson.


American Tortoise Rescue — Based in Malibu. Specializes in turtles and tortoises.

California Turtle & Tortoise Club — Based in Van Nuys. Specializes in turtles and tortoises.

JnW Reptile Rescue — Accepts surrenders. Snake relocation services available.

Mutt Hut Rescue — Foster program available.


Georgia Reptile Society — Foster program available. Accepts surrenders.


Southern Idaho Reptile Rescue — Based in Buhl. Offers rehabilitation and rehoming services for reptiles. Accepts surrenders.


Copper’s Friends Bearded Dragon Rescue — Based in Decatur.


Arrowhead Reptile Rescue — Does not ship.


Arrowhead Reptile Rescue — Does not ship.


Herp Haven Reptile Rescue & Sanctuary — Based in Brunswick. Accepts volunteers and surrenders. Foster program available. Does not ship.

Mr. Drew and His Animals Too — Based in Lewiston. Feeder insects available for sale at physical storefront.


Medusa’s Misfit Rescue — Based in Westminster. Specializes in reptiles who need medical attention. Does not ship.


Redfoot Reptile Rescue Programs — Based in Whitman. Works with both reptiles and amphibians in need of a new home, medical attention, or husbandry correction. Accepts surrenders, although a fee may be charged.


Saving Scales Reptile Rescue of Michigan — Based in Lansing.

Wild Whiskers — Based in Kalamazoo. Accepts surrenders.


Central Mississippi Turtle Rescue — Based in Florence. Specializes in turtles and tortoises, releasing native species back into the wild and rehoming the others. Sponsorship and foster programs available.


The Three Sisters Exotic Rescue & Sanctuary — Based in St. Louis.


Draco’s Reptile Rescue and Refuge — Primarily communicates through associated Facebook group.

New York

Hudson Valley Reptile and Rescue — Offers educational presentations as well as an adoption program. Accepts surrenders.

Rhonda’s Reptiles — Based in New Lebanon.

Second Chance Bird & Reptile Rescue — Foster-based rescue organization. Accepts surrenders.

North Carolina

Be Wild Reptile Rescue — Based in Durham. Unable to take in yellow-bellied sliders or red-eared sliders. Sponsorships available. Volunteers accepted.

Fresh Start Rescue — Does not accept aquatic turtles. Sponsorships available. Internships available, volunteers welcome. Accepts surrenders. Offers reptile boarding.

North Dakota

Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic Rescue — Based in Bottineau. Accepts surrenders. Appointments only.


Arrowhead Reptile Rescue — Does not ship.

Herps Alive Foundation — Based in South Euclid. Volunteers welcome.


Beautiful Dragons Reptile Rescue — Based in Albany.


Christina’s Reptile and Animal Sanctuary — Based in Palmerton. Accepts surrenders.

Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary — Based in Elm. Accepts surrenders.

Heart Reptile Rescue and Sanctuary — Accepts surrenders, but does not take aquatic turtles or iguanas.

Marie Exotics Reptile Rescue — Based in Washington. Accepts surrenders, but does not take aquatics.

Moonlit Jungle Rescue — Based in Lilitz. Accepts surrenders. Volunteers welcome. Offers zero-cost education programs to education groups.

South Carolina

Beloved Beardies Reptile Rescue — Based in Clover. Accepts surrenders. Specializes in bearded dragons, crested geckos, and leopard geckos.

GSCE Animal Rescue — Based in Greenville. Specializes in all kinds of exotic animals, including reptiles, invertebrates, birds, and exotic mammals. Accepts surrenders and has a great foster program.


Eden Animal Sanctuary — Based in Spring Branch. Specializes in turtles and tortoises. Does not ship.

Lumpy Lizard Reptile, Poultry, and Exotics Rescue — Based in Edna.

Texas Reptile and Small Animal Rescue — Based near Houston. Does not ship.


Wasatch Exotics Rescue — Based in Sandy. Shipping is available to the lower 48 states.


Safe Haven Critter Rescue — Based in Burlington. Foster-to-adopt available. Surrenders accepted.


Blue Ridge Reptile Rescue — Based in Fairfield. Accepts surrenders, may ship. Also sells used reptile equipment.


Badgerland Reptile Rescue — Based in Kenosha. Accepts surrenders. Foster program available.

J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue — Based in Menasha. Accepts surrenders. Sponsors welcome.

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