Brumation is the reptile equivalent of mammalian hibernation; a time of year when they sleep nonstop. In the wild, this is a way to survive the winter — a time of cold temperatures and scarce food. In captivity, brumation is how tegus prepare for breeding. Brumation lasts for 6-7 months and can affect tegus as young as 1 year.

Colombian tegus are from a warmer climate, and do not typically brumate. Argentine tegus do brumate, but brumation is not required for pet (non-breeding) tegus.

Contrary to popular belief, brumation is not triggered by cooler weather. Instead, tegus react to a combination of shorter days and changes in humidity and atmospheric pressure. A tegu that is ready to brumate will become less active, eat less, and seem to “sleep in,” preferring to stay in his/her hide. It is at this point you will have the option to brumate your tegu.

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