Reptile Care Sheets

The same high quality care advice you love — in a more shareable package!

ReptiFiles® Reptile Care Sheets are the same thing as our comprehensive care guides — just shorter! We started writing these care sheets as an easy way to help distribute reptile care information at local reptile expos. But then breeders, pet stores, reptile supply brands, and others started asking us for them! So we decided to create a new section of ReptiFiles where anyone can read, download, and print our up-to-date, science-based reptile care sheets.

As an added benefit, writing care sheets is a much faster process than creating our full-length care guides. This enables us to offer high-quality care advice on a wider variety of species faster than if we stuck to care guides alone!

Each ReptiFiles® Reptile Care Sheet is a PDF download that you can print out or email to customers, clients, patients, friends, family members, etc. They also make great quick references!

ReptiFiles® printable reptile care sheets are the intellectual property of ReptiFiles, LLC. These care sheets may not be altered in any way without written permission.