• Sunken eyes
  • Floppy/drooping tail or curling edges
  • Stuck shed
  • Dry toes → inability to climb
  • Lethargy


  • High temperatures
  • Low humidity
  • Insufficient misting


Dehydration is the most common issue seen in leaf-tailed geckos. Check the fluctuation of humidity levels over the course of the day, check for droplet accumulation on surfaces like walls and leaves, and mist more frequently. If you have a busy schedule, consider investing in an automatic misting system. Keeping a large, shallow water bowl no deeper than .5-1” (1-2 cm) may also help.

In cases of a severely dehydrated leaf-tailed gecko, take it to a certified reptile vet. They will be able to administer saline and provide further advice for recovery.

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