Your Dumeril’s Boa Shopping List

For your convenience, I’ve put together a list of supplies that ReptiFiles personally recommends for the health of your new pet Dumeril’s boa, as well as your own peace of mind. In other words, I did the shopping for you!

(As a heads up, this page contains a few affiliate links to help fund my work. For more information about why I use affiliate links, check out ReptiFiles’ Affiliate Disclosure page.)

Approximate cost before Dumeril’s boa purchase: $2500 USD

Keep in mind that everything should be purchased and set up BEFORE you get the snake. This will save you a lot of stress, and does your new pet a big favor, too.

I also recommend locating an experienced reptile veterinarian in your area It’s always better to do a little bit of research when nothing’s wrong than to find yourself in a panic when your pet gets sick. Start your search with the ReptiFiles Reptile Vet Directory.

Dumeril's Boa Starter Kit

By jinterwas from Netherlands (Dumeril’s boa up close & personal) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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