Scale Rot

Boa constrictor scale rot is a bacterial infection, also known as necrotizing or ulcerative dermatitis.


  • Brown/yellow/red/greenish-black discoloration on belly region
  • Raised scales
  • Blisters
  • Swelling
  • Damaged scales


  • Substrate too wet
  • Humidity too high for too long
  • Unhygienic conditions
  • Vitamin A or C deficiency (rare)


If you suspect that your boa has scale rot, make an appointment with the vet immediately, as antibiotics will likely be necessary for healing. Meanwhile, throw out the current bedding do a deep-clean of the enclosure and all accessories with a veterinary disinfectant like F10SC or Chlorhexidine. Transfer the snake to a quarantine enclosure until the scale rot is completely healed.

Without veterinary treatment, scale rot can lead to secondary infections and septicemia, which can in turn lead to death.

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