Reptile Food

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Guide to Safe Fruits and VegetablesBeautiful Dragons. The website isn’t much to look at, but this guide is the most comprehensive assessment of appropriate fruits and vegetables for feeding your herbivore/omnivore. Take it with you to the grocery store!

Tortoise Supply — If you’re looking for high-quality tortoise food, Tortoise Supply is the place to go. Aside from foods like tortoise chow, hay, and cactus pads, they also have seed mixes! (Great for uromastyx, too!)


Premium Crickets — Crickets are well-known for coming with a variety of undesirable “extras”: spiders, beetle larvae, parasites, etc. Premium Crickets prides themselves on delivering the healthiest feeder crickets available, without the “extras.” They might be a little pricier than other cricket breeders, but higher quality feeders mean healthier reptiles.

Rainbow Mealworms — They sell mealworms, superworms, crickets, fruit flies, hornworms, phoenix worms, earthworms, fly larvae, wax worms, dubia roaches, and madagascar roaches. In other words, if you’re looking to try new feeders for your lizard, this is the way to go. — Contrary to the name, this retailer sells more than just roaches. They also offer black soldier fly larvae, hornworms, superworms, mealworms, waxworms, butterworms, and crickets. Prices are reasonable and shipping is quick. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them!


Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow — Hare Today has the biggest variety of meats I’ve ever seen, perfect for maintaining variety in a reptile’s dietary rotation. Among their selection you can find goose, llama, mutton, pheasant, venison, goat, and cavy, as well as an assortment of ground organs. Not all of their products include bone and organ material, so keep that in mind.

Jay’s Raw Feeds UK-based distributor of raw animal parts, with a huge variety of parts and organs from everything from salmon to sheep. They do not ship.

Layne Laboratories — Layne Labs offers some of the best selection a reptile owner can ask for. Mice and rats? Of course. Rabbits? Naturally. Chicks and quail? Definitely. Guinea pigs? Why not! But that’s not why we recommend them. Layne Labs’ high quality prey are bred and raised in a USDA-licensed facility, with fresh air, clean water, nutritious food and clean, dry bedding. — Perfect Prey is another high quality feeder rodent distributor. Although their selection isn’t as large as Layne Labs, their prices are very reasonable and you don’t have to make huge bulk orders. The prey items are well cared for, euthanized humanely, and packed well. They also sell crickets, mealworms, and waxworms.

My Pet Carnivore — This site offers an enormous variety of organ meats and whole ground animals from sources including: chicken, beef, young beef, mutton, lamb, duck, goat, pork, and rabbit. This selections includes some of the most random organs I’ve ever seen, including lungs, spleens, and pancreas.

Raw Feeding Miami — Boasts the unique distinction of offering meats, organs, and parts from wild game such as camel, pheasant, elk, venison, ostrich, and wild boar. Great way to add variety to your carnivore’s diet!

ReptiLinks — A nutritionally-complete prey item alternative for reptile keepers who have a hard time giving their snake or lizard food that still looks like an animal. They also offer a selection of frozen whole prey items, including African soft-furred rats.

RodentPro — A well-established distributor of whole prey with great variety: mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chickens, and quail. Plus, they’re one of the few feeder breeders with an actual welfare policy for their animals. You can read their animal welfare statement here

WholeFoods4Pets — To achieve a balanced diet for your meat-eating reptiles, you need more than just muscle meat; you need bones and organs, too. But organs can be hard to come by, and large bone pieces can be hard to digest. WholeFoods4Pets gets around that problem by offering finely ground whole rabbit and quail for a fair price. Excellent for tegus, monitors, blue tongue skinks, and others!