10 Reptile Care Myths Everyone Should Know

Reptiles are severely misunderstood animals, so it should come as no surprise that there are a LOT of myths about them, from how to tell whether they’re venomous, to man-eating tendencies, to even their personalities. There are also lots of reptile myths about caring for these animals as pets.

Some myths are relatively harmless, but when it comes to reptile care, reptile myths can be very harmful. They perpetuate misunderstandings about reptile physiology and encourage outdated standards of care. The scariest part? Some of these myths are spread like gospel by people who should know better, such as on YouTube and in reptile forums!

Being aware of these myths empowers you as a reptile owner to take better care of your pet(s) as well as filter your sources of information. Read about 10 of the most common reptile myths about reptile care at The Bio Dude here: https://www.thebiodude.com/blogs/helpful-husbandry-faqs/10-common-myths-about-reptiles-and-their-care

reptile myths about reptile care - bredl's python

This article was written by Mariah Healey exclusively for use by The Bio Dude and originally published on May 6, 2021.

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