SHOWDOWN! What is the BEST Type of Reptile Enclosure?

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There are 10 different styles of reptile enclosure that are commonly used in today’s reptile hobby, but which one is the best for humanely housing reptiles according to the 5 Provisions of Animal Welfare? Today we delve into the pros, cons, and ideal applications of each style before revealing the absolute BEST kind of enclosure for your pet reptile. Continue Reading


Is Your Reptile Husbandry Up to Standard? — Expanding on the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare

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The reptile industry is young, and although we’ve come a long way since the early days, we still have a long way to go. Casual keepers and collectors are housing their reptiles like breeders, and there’s a critical lack of proper husbandry education and demonstration. Here’s how we as reptile keepers can apply the 5 Provisions of Animal Welfare to provide better and more ethical husbandry for the animals in our care. Continue Reading