Our Favorite Stores

When ReptiFiles goes shopping for reptile supplies, there are a few places online that we keep bookmarked. Even though some of these are affiliate links, these are still hands-down our favorite reptile product suppliers!


Bertopia Geckos — My go-to supplier of Pangea, Repashy, and other gecko products. When I need more gecko food, I shop here.

Custom Reptile Habitats — Supplier of high-quality reptile supplies, particularly enclosures and zoo-quality decor kits. A new favorite!

Light Your Reptiles — My go-to store for Arcadia reptile products like UVB bulbs and supplements. They also have phenomenal customer service, and that’s a big deal.

Mike Krick Books — Online bookstore specializing in used reptile books. Lots of hobby staples and great prices!

Reptile Supply Co. — Wholesale reptile supply distributor selling everything from 2oz condiment cups and silicone-tipped tweezers to…well…everything! And their selection is constantly expanding.

The Bio Dude — Going bioactive can be confusing. The Bio Dude’s kits and products makes the conversion much more straightforward with a quality line of bioactive-ready substrates, as well as reptile-safe plants, leaf litter, naturalistic decor, and more.

Tortoise Supply — Aside from being a great tortoise breeder, Tortoise Supply is also a great online retailer of supplies for tortoise keepers. My favorite thing about them is their selection of high-quality tortoise foods and seed mixes! (Good for uromastyx, too!)

Zen Habitats — Zen Habitats is rapidly becoming a major reptile enclosure supplier in the US. They also sell attractive minimalistic enclosure stands, spacers, extension kits, and Arcadia UVB bulbs.


Cornel’s World — This is a great place to go if you’re looking for rare reptile products like Herpstat, MistKing, Reptile Basics radiant heat panels, and PVC enclosures. You may recognize them from their Animal Planet show, Scaled.

ReptilesRUs — This place is a reptile superstore, with an enormous variety of high quality products like Arcadia, Pangea, MistKing, and TheBioDude. They also have a nice selection of décor items. They also ship to the USA for a reasonable shipping fee, which is a GREAT way to get your hands on rare Arcadia products.


Northampton Reptile Centre — Excellent online store with a wide variety of quality reptile supplies.