The most common leopard gecko parasites are pinworms and coccidia. In otherwise healthy geckos, they don’t cause a problem. But stress can weaken your pet’s immune system to the point where parasites become a problem.


  • drastic weight loss, particularly during brumation
  • particularly smelly poo
  • diarrhea


The only way to confirm a parasite infestation is via stool testing. The vet will ask you to collect a fecal sample, and then he or she will test it for the presence of parasites. If your leopard gecko does have parasites, s/he will put given a dose or two of dewormer, which should clear up the problem.

Flavored dewormer (Panacur, aka fendbendazole) can be purchased online in doses appropriate for your gecko’s weight. I do not recommend this, however, unless you are very experienced in dosing reptile medications. Improper dosage of medications can easily **kill** your gecko!


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