Additional Resources

Further Reading

Designer Morphs: Western Hognose Snakes — A very thorough published guide to caring for, breeding, and producing various morphs of H. nasicus. A must for any avid hognose snake enthusiast or future breeder.

Hognose Snakes! — (Facebook group)

World of Hognose Snakes — (Facebook group) Several of this group’s members contributed the photos in this guide!


Scientific Research

Spatial considerations for captive snakes by Clifford Warwick, Phillip Arena, and Catrina Steedman. Published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Volume 30, March-April 2019, pages 37-48. Published online on 13 Dec 2018.


Hognose Snake Care Guide:

  1. Introduction to Hognose Snakes
  2. Hognose Shopping List
  3. Species of the Heterodon Genus
  4. Terrarium Size Guidelines
  5. Temperature & Humidity Requirements
  6. Substrate Options for Hognose Snakes
  7. Environmental Enrichment: Decorating the Terrarium
  8. Feeding Your Hognose Snake
  9. Handling Tips & Body Language Info
  10. Common Diseases & Hognose Health Questions
  11. Additional Resources (YOU ARE HERE)