What Bearded Dragon Supplies Will You Need?

ReptiFiles’ Bearded Dragon Starter Kit

For your convenience, we have put together a list of the bearded dragon supplies that ReptiFiles personally recommends for the health of your new pet, as well as your own peace of mind. In other words, we’ve basically done the shopping for you! Although bearded dragons are commonly recommended as an ideal “first pet,” please note that even the easiest reptiles can be expensive and high-maintenance to keep. If you are not prepared to purchase everything required for the health and wellbeing of a bearded dragon, this is not the pet for you.

Click the link for each item below to see which specific products we recommend.

Approximate investment before bearded dragon purchase: $700 USD

*Save a LOT of money on shipping costs by buying rocks at your local landscaping supply store, like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Do not purchase bearded dragons younger than 3 months old, as hatchlings are fragile, defensive, easily stressed, and more likely to die shortly after purchase. If it’s skinny and tiny, it’s most likely too small to be sold. Ask the pet store or the breeder the age of the dragon — if they don’t know, take your business elsewhere.

Keep in mind that all supplies should be purchased and set up BEFORE you get the bearded dragon. This will save you a lot of stress, and does your new pet a big favor, too.

We also recommend finding an experienced reptile veterinarian in your area. It’s always better to do a little bit of research when nothing’s wrong than to find yourself in a panic when your pet gets sick. Check out our Reptile Vet Directory to get started.

Downloadable Shopping Lists

Do you prefer to have a physical shopping list in hand as you peruse your favorite independently-owned pet shop? We like shopping lists too, so we made one that you can either pull up on your phone or print out:

bearded dragon supplies

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