Listen to ReptiFiles on the Project: Herpetoculture Podcast!

Recently I was honored with an invitation to make an appearance on the Project: Herpetoculture podcast with Roy Arthur Blodgett (Wellspring Herpetoculture) and Phillip Lietz (Arids Only). I was SO excited to get this opportunity, and they did not disappoint! I’ve participated in a few podcast episodes here and there over the years at this point, but this is the one I’ve enjoyed most so far.

Phil and Roy prepared some excellent talking points for this episode, and over the course of the conversation we explored topics such as:

  • My background with animal husbandry
  • How ReptiFiles got started
  • What sets ReptiFiles.com apart from other care resources
  • Identifying trustworthy sources of reptile husbandry information
  • The importance of listening to your animal(s)
  • Measuring your reptile’s quality of life
  • Combating the “anti-science” movement within the reptile hobby
  • Balancing old wisdom with new information and philosophies
  • What does the future of ReptiFiles look like?
  • What does the future of herpetoculture look like?
  • What I love about being a reptile keeper

Project: Herpetoculture covers so much amazing content. Make sure to explore their other episodes, and give them a follow on YouTube and/or your preferred listening platform!

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