Weight Loss

Rapid, unexplained weight loss is cause for concern in any animal, and with reptiles, this is one of the first indicators that many reptile owners see when their pet is sick.


  • not enough food
  • dehydration
  • parasites
  • illness


If you are tracking your skink’s weight weekly with a digital kitchen scale, the threshold for worrisome weight loss is 10% lost. Unless the cause is simply feeding too little or too infrequently, weight loss is a cause for a trip to a certified reptile vet. The vet will be able to make a specific diagnosis and prescribe treatment accordingly.

Unhealthy vs healthy sandfish skink
Two photos of the same S. scincus, before and after rehabilitation. It was severely neglected by its previous owner, causing emaciation and lethargy. It is a testament to sandfish’s hardiness that it was able to bounce back so completely with just 2 months of proper care.
Contributed by Mariah Healey.

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