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Gargoyle Queen ReptilesR. auriculatus (Gargoyle) and C. ciliatus (Crested) Gecko Caresheet. Goes more into detail on a few points than I do. Also breeds very high-quality gargoyle geckos.

Moon Valley Reptiles — They don’t have information specific to gargs, but their crested gecko info is on point, and that’s more or less the same thing.

Nightshift Exotics — High quality gargoyle gecko breeder and talented artist.

Pangea Reptile — Explanation of the metabolic relationship between calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D3.

Relevant Scientific Literature

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Gargoyle Gecko Care Guide:

  1. Introduction to Gargoyle Geckos
  2. The Gargoyle Gecko Shopping List
  3. Terrarium Size Guidelines
  4. Substrate Options
  5. Temperature & Humidity Requirements
  6. Decorating Your Gecko’s Terrarium
  7. Feeding Your Gargoyle Gecko
  8. Handling Tips
  9. Common Diseases & Health Questions
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