Additional Resources

Der LeopardGecko — Germany has some of the best reptile care standards in the world. This source was created by a German leopard gecko breeder to educate keepers on the ins and outs of proper leopard gecko care. If you’re reading it in English the translation is a little rough, but it’s still very much worth reading.

Leopard Gecko – Advanced Husbandry (Facebook) — Finally, a leopard gecko group with sense! LGAH promotes modern leopard gecko care practices and is quick to correct those with outdated mindsets. Offer frank but friendly advice, and the files are great. UV lighting, overhead heat sources, naturalistic substrates, and larger enclosures are key tenets of this group’s approach.

Scientific research:

Leopard geckos in the wild:


Leopard Gecko Care:

  1. Introduction to Leopard Geckos
  2. Shopping List
  3. Terrarium Size and Cohabitation
  4. Lighting, Temperature & Humidity Needs
  5. Substrate (Bedding) Options
  6. Decorating Your Leopard Gecko’s Enclosure
  7. What to Feed Your Leopard Gecko
  8. Handling Tips & Leopard Gecko Body Language
  9. Common Diseases, Illnesses & Other Health Questions
  10. Additional Resources (YOU ARE HERE)