Mouth Rot

Mouth rot (also known as oral infection) is a serious bacterial infection that can turn deadly very quickly if left untreated. Advanced cases are often linked to respiratory infection.


  • Red, swollen gum tissue
  • Teeth falling out
  • Clouded eye(s)
  • Respiratory infection-like symptoms
  • Bacterial infection in gut


  • Damaged teeth
  • Mouth injury
  • Poor husbandry
  • Stress


You can find some at-home treatment ideas for mouth rot online, but mouth rot is serious enough that you need to make an appointment with an ARAV-certified reptile veterinarian as soon as you suspect it. The vet will give you prescription antibiotics to clear the bacteria from your snake’s system. Use the full course of antibiotics, even if the snake’s symptoms seem to be better, because otherwise the infection may come back.

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