Additional Resources

Extra reading in case you want more information about Sudan plated lizards! These are some of the best resources that we came across as we researched Sudan plated lizards for this care guide.

Further Reading

Digimorph — Observations about Sudan plated lizards by Dr. Jessie Maisano at The University of Texas at Austin. Primarily consists of an analysis of a collected specimen’s cranial anatomy and osteoderm.

Field Guide to East African Reptiles by Steve Spawls, Kim Howell, Harald Hinkel, Michele Menegon — This field guide contains some valuable information about wild Sudan plated lizards that was critical to the creation of this guide. Relevant pages: 214-215. (affiliate link)

iNaturalist: Broadleysaurus major — Collection of observations of Sudan plated lizards in the wild.

Scientific Papers

Special thanks to Tara Cornell and Ricky Johnson for your invaluable input on this species.

Plated Lizard Care Guide — Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Plated Lizards
  2. Shopping List
  3. Enclosure Size Requirements
  4. Enclosure: Lighting & UVB Requirements
  5. Enclosure: Heating & Temperature Requirements
  6. Enclosure: Humidity Requirements
  7. Enclosure: Choosing a Substrate
  8. Decorating the Enclosure
  9. Feeding Your Sudan Plated Lizard
  10. Handling and Taming Tips
  11. Common Illnesses and General Health Information
  12. Additional Resources