Common Red-Eared Slider Diseases & Other Health Topics

red-eared slider health page

Has your red-eared slider stopped eating? Have they been injured? Do they seem to be less active than usual? Welcome to ReptiFiles’ mini-database on red-eared slider health, diseases, and related topics.

In the wild, a sick or weakened reptile makes an easy target for predators, so reptiles have become experts at pretending to be well even if they’re dying. As pets, this means that their owners need to be extra watchful for changes that may indicate illness:

  • Weigh your turtle 1-2x/month — sudden weight loss often indicates illness. It can also let you know whether you’re feeding too much or too little.
  • Measure your turtle 1-2x/month to track growth.
  • Keep a weekly record of weight, feeding habits, behavior, etc.
  • Prepare a reptile first-aid kit so you won’t be left scrambling if your turtle does get sick or injured.

Disclaimer: I am not a reptile veterinarian nor a reptile health expert. This red-eared slider health guide is to be used as a set of guidelines, not professional medical advice. If you have an emergency, contact an experienced reptile veterinarian ASAP.

Red-Eared Slider Diseases & Other Health Topics