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Not Just a Pet Rock (Facebook) — The BEST ball python Facebook group ever (and believe me, I’ve done my time with Ball Python Enthusiasts). This is more than just bare-bones ball python husbandry. This group operates on the belief that ball pythons are more than the timid pet rocks that most people claim them to be. Husbandry advice is based on wild habitats and behaviors rather than what’s convenient for the humans.

Busting Royal Python Myths (PDF) — In this document the author Frances Cosquieri has collected the most common myths in ball python husbandry, and then uses scientific literature to explain in simple terms why these common beliefs are outright myths. Aside from being a great compilation of research data related to P. regius, it also contains several photo examples of excellent ball python enclosures. This one’s a must-read!

Where My Scales Slither — Tumblr account devoted to captive ball python care. Excellent, thorough information on many ball python care-related topics, complete with tutorials and images.

Scientific papers

Ball pythons in the wild

Hand picking ball pythons in Benin West africa by Nick Mole — Video evidence of a naturally-occurring ball python “morph” found in the wild.

Hunting For ball pythons in Benin With First Choice Reptiles by Nick Mole — Adult female ball python found in a grassland burrow. Great soil reference.

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