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Colombian Tegus Only — (Facebook) Group devoted to Colombian tegus (Tupinambis genus) and promoting the better understanding of these tegus as distinct from their Argentine relatives.

Tegus From Around the World — Website devoted to the ins and outs of tegu keeping and breeding.

Tegu Talk — (Forum) Share photos, connect with other tegu keepers, and discuss the finer points of tegu care with experts.

The Tegu-Phile — (Facebook) Educational group of tegu keepers from all over the world. Great place to go if you have a question about tegu care that isn’t covered in this guide, or if you simply like to see picture/videos of other tegus.

Winston the Tegu — Informative social media account featuring an Argentine black and white tegu in the US. — Tegu breeder and supplies distributor, plus additional care information.

Tegu eye candy

Argentine/Colombian Tegu Care:

  1. Introduction to Tegus
  2. Shopping List
  3. List of Tegu Species
  4. Terrarium Sizing for Hatchlings, Juveniles & Adults
  5. Temperature & Humidity Requirements
  6. Substrate Options
  7. Decorating Your Tegu’s Enclosure
  8. Feeding Your Tegu
  9. Handling Tips
  10. Benefits of Free-Roaming
  11. Common Problems & Questions About Tegu Health
  12. Additional Resources