Additional Resources

Further reading

Colombian Tegus Only — (Facebook) Group devoted to Colombian tegus (Tupinambis genus) and promoting the better understanding of these tegus as distinct from their Argentine relatives.

Tegus From Around the World — Website devoted to the ins and outs of tegu keeping and breeding.

Tegu Talk — (Forum) Share photos, connect with other tegu keepers, and discuss the finer points of tegu care with experts.

The Tegu-Phile — (Facebook) Educational group of tegu keepers from all over the world. Great place to go if you have a question about tegu care that isn’t covered in this guide, or if you simply like to see picture/videos of other tegus.

Scientific Research

The diet of adult Tupinambis teguixin (Sauria Teiidae) in the eastern Chaco of Argentina by Claudia Mercolli and Alberto Yanosky

Risk Assessment of the Nonnative Argentine Black and White Tegu,
Salvator merianae, in South Florida by Liz Anne Barraco

Spatial Ecology and Diet of the Argentine Black and White Tegu
(Salvator Merianae) in Central Florida
by Marie-Therese Offner

Argentine/Colombian Tegu Care:

  1. Introduction to Tegus
  2. Shopping List
  3. List of Tegu Species
  4. Terrarium Sizing for Hatchlings, Juveniles & Adults
  5. Temperature & Humidity Requirements
  6. Substrate Options
  7. Decorating Your Tegu’s Enclosure
  8. Feeding Your Tegu
  9. Handling Tips
  10. Benefits of Free-Roaming
  11. Common Problems & Questions About Tegu Health
  12. Additional Resources