What Makes ReptiFiles Care Guides the BEST?

Big news, everyone: ReptiFiles will be providing reptile care information for all of the reptile kits produced by promising new reptile enclosure manufacturer, Custom Reptile Habitats! Custom Reptile Habitats and ReptiFiles share many values, and above all we want to make better reptile care more accessible. (Look for a product review on their Bearded Dragon Kit on the ReptiFiles Blog soon!)

As part of this new partnership, Paul asked me to write up a blog post for his site, explaining what makes ReptiFiles reptile care guides special. After all, there’s hundreds of reptile care sheets on the internet, so why throw one more site on the pile? And why is the information on ReptiFiles sometimes significantly different from the information you find on other sites and Facebook groups?

These are good questions to ask, so here’s my answer. Click to read it now: “Why ReptiFiles Care Guides Are The Best”