Product Review: Lugarti Premium Gecko Diet

Crested gecko diets form the majority of most arboreal geckos’ nutrition in captivity, which means that any issues with the diet’s quality or formulation can have direct effects on the geckos’ health. This effect is compounded if the gecko is fed strictly one brand of CGD or without supplementary live insects. For this reason, I had to take extra care in evaluating Lugarti’s Premium Gecko Diet for this review. Continue Reading


Product Review: Maximum Reptile Three Dimensions 3 Sided Reptile Background Kit

feature image - Maximum Reptile 3 Sided Background Kit

I’m excited about the Maximum Reptile Three Dimensions 3 Sided Reptile Background Kit because it’s designed to increase your enclosure’s available space with attractive, naturalistic ledges, while also blending seamlessly with any of Maximum Reptile’s incredible terrarium backgrounds. It seems pretty amazing at first glance, but is it too good to be true? Let’s dive in and put it to the test! Continue Reading


Product Review: ReptiliaCare Digital Infrared Thermometer

600x400 feature ReptiliaCare (1)

Infrared thermometers (a.k.a. temp guns) are an essential tool for any reptile keeper. Infrared thermometers are designed to detect and measure all three types of infrared radiation, enabling the user to measure the surface temperature of any object quickly from a distance. But how well does the ReptiliaCare Digital Infrared Thermometer perform, and how does it stack up against the competition? Continue Reading