ReptiFiles on the Animals At Home Podcast

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Dillon on the Animals At Home podcast. We had a great conversation covering a few different topics:

  • My earliest experiences with reptiles
  • Introducing young children to reptiles
  • Why I started ReptiFiles
  • Common beginner mistakes
  • Why forums and Facebook reptile groups are important
  • Basic constrictor snake safety
  • What goes into each ReptiFiles care guide
  • The challenge of standardizing reptile care requirements
  • The most common myths in the reptile hobby and why they’re wrong
  • Introducing ReptiFiles reptile starter kits

You can watch the podcast episode on YouTube here:

Alternately, you can also listen to the podcast on Spotify here:

If you’re not already subscribed to/following the Animals At Home podcast, you definitely should. Dillon brings on some really knowledgeable people to talk about a wide variety of really interesting topics, and if you love ReptiFiles’ mission to raise the bar for reptile care, then you’ll probably love Animals At Home, too.