YOUTUBE – Talking About the Benefits of Bioactive Enclosures with The Bio Dude

We touched a bit on the subject of bioactive enclosures back when Josh Halter of The Bio Dude contributed his article, How to Build a Bioactive Terrarium for Your Reptile: An Introduction. The article introduced us to the history of bioactive enclosures and the basics of constructing a bioactive enclosure layer by layer.

In this YouTube video, Josh and I expand on this post by discussing the benefits of bioactive and naturalistic setups, and what makes them arguably superior to other methods of reptile keeping. We also discuss a common concern that comes up when people start to consider making the switch to a bioactive or naturalistic setup: loose substrate.

Heads up — The last 4 minutes of our discussion were cut off due to technical difficulties with the microphones. However, the content was just so good that we decided to publish the video anyway. So please bear with us, and enjoy!

video link to discussion with The Bio Dude on bioactivity and loose substrate