YOUTUBE – Talking with The Bio Dude About ReptiFiles!

Big news, everyone: The Bio Dude has hopped on board as ReptiFiles’ second sponsor! This is a big deal because sponsorships bring me just a little closer to making ReptiFiles my full-time occupation. And when that happens, I’ll be able to devote myself 100% (instead of the current, like, 25%) to reptile husbandry research and publishing more amazing reptile care guides, as well as other cool projects like traveling to reptile expos, gathering data from reptiles in their natural habitats, and doing YouTube videos.

As part of this sponsorship launch, Josh Halter invited me down to Houston to visit The Bio Dude’s headquarters and store, as well as film a few YouTube videos together. It was a whirlwind weekend, but it was also so. much. fun. And I learned more about The Bio Dude’s fantastic product line!

Here is the first video! Unfortunately we experienced some microphone issues during the filming of this episode, so Josh’s part of the audio is very quiet and needed subtitles, so I recommend watching the episode rather than just listening.

the bio dude reptifiles video interview linked image


  1. Great interview! I enjoyed hearing your history, the challenges & benefits of improved husbandry, and of course love everything the Bio Dude does. Congratulations on the new sponsorship!