Wasatch Reptile Expo 2016 – October’s Top 10

Whew! Another weekend, another excellent show from the Wasatch Reptile Expo. And in my opinion, it was our best yet!

Of course, I’m a little biased here. After introducing myself as a reptile blogger, I got invited to connect with ZOO MED and received my first ever FREEBIE from a brand-new reptile substrate company! (Look forward to seeing a product review for them within the next month.) Guess who will be printing business cards for the next expo? THIS CHICK! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

……I need a logo. Dangit.


Anyway, here’s a recap of the October Wasatch Reptile Expo 2016’s Top 10 Animals and Vendors.

10. This bright-eyed gargoyle gecko

gargoyle gecko - wasatch reptile expo 2016

….Whose breeder I utterly failed to record…. Anyway, loving that bright yellow eyeliner!

9. Gargoyle Queen Reptiles

Striped gargoyl gecko at the Wasatch Reptile Expo 2016 - Gargoyle Queen Reptiles

Their colorfully-striped gargoyle geckos blew me away!

8. Bertopia Geckos

Bertopia geckos - crested gecko - Wasatch Reptile Expo 2016

Crested gecko - Bertopia Geckos - Wasatch Reptile Expo 2016

crested gecko - Bertopia Geckos - Wasatch Reptile Expo 2016

Bertopia has been a constant at the expo since my first visit. These are the cutest geckos to be found, with big personalities, bold patterns, and solid bloodlines.

 7. T-Negative albino blood python

T-negative albino blood python - Pets N Such - Wasatch Reptile Expo 2016

Vendor: Pets & Such. Loved the striking albino coloration—the picture really doesn’t do this guy justice.

6. D & R Reptiles

Leachie gecko - Wasatch Reptile Expo 2016 - D & R Reptiles

One of my favorite vendors to see every expo, because leachies!

5. Scales and Tails

dwarf caiman - scales n tails - Wasatch Reptile Expo 2016

american alligator - scales n tails - wasatch reptile expo 2016

Scales and Tails is always an expo highlight. I was disappointed that they didn’t bring a kookaburra this time, but I can’t resist the dwarf caiman and American alligator.

4. Mark’s Ark

Their selection of reptiles was especially good this year, including:

albino hognose snake - mark's art - wasatch reptile expo 2016

This beautiful albino hognose snake…

juvenile black throat monitor - mark's ark - wasatch reptile expo 2016

this juvenile black throat monitor…

green tree monitor - mark's ark - wasatch reptile expo 2016

and this green tree monitor!

3. A Savannah monitor named Zeus

savannah monitor - seaquest interactive aquarium - wasatch reptile expo 2016

red iguana - seaquest interactive aquarium - wasatch reptile expo 2016

He came with Seaquest Interactive Aquarium, and had the sweetest, laziest personality. (My opinion of savvies definitely changed for the better, thanks to him.) They also brought along the most vividly colored red iguana I’ve ever seen.

2. Nightshift Exotics

crested gecko - Nightshift Exotics - wasatch reptile expo 2016

crested gecko - Nightshift Exotics - wasatch reptile expo 2016

Meet this Fall’s new it breeder to keep your eye on, this expo’s #2! Ultra reasonable pricing for very impressive geckos.

1. Paradox Ball Pythons

paradox ball python - Select Morphs - wasatch reptile expo

Select Morphs seems to have unlocked the secret to paradox-patterned pythons,which makes them #1 for the Fall Wasatch Reptile Expo 2016!

Did you go to an expo this weekend? What did you get (or what was your favorite reptile to see)?

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