YOUTUBE — Testing UVB Bulbs with The Bio Dude

The final video that I filmed with Josh was on the topic of UVB. The primary objective here was to do a broad comparison of the many UVB bulbs that are commonly available on the US market. Between using a Solarmeter 6.5R to measure the bulbs’ output, we tackled a lot of common questions and misconceptions associated with using UVB for reptiles.

THIS IS NOT A FORMAL, CONTROLLED EXPERIMENT. And neither was it meant to be. We just wanted to play around with a Solarmeter 6.5 and a bunch of UVB bulbs to see what we could learn — and filmed the fun for publication on YouTube.

That being said, this still turned out to be an interesting and informative video for anyone who wants to learn about the nuances of UVB provision for captive reptiles, and which bulbs on the US market are most likely to be reliable.

Mariah Healey of ReptiFiles testing UVB bulbs with The Bio Dude - links to YouTube video


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