ReptiFiles is Partnered with HappyDragons!

If you are subscribed to ReptiFiles’ mailing list, you might recall getting an email several months back announcing the development of the HappyDragons app. Today we’re proud to announce ReptiFiles’ official partnership with HappyDragons!

What is HappyDragons?

HappyDragons is a multifunctional web-based app and marketplace for reptile people. Most importantly, it’s a community platform composed of reptile pet owners, breeders, and enthusiasts committed to the improvement of modern reptile keeping.

HappyDragons is supported by many reptile experts and experienced breeders/keepers. Aside from myself, this list includes TC Houston of Reptile Mountain and Frank Payne of Living Art Reptiles!

What do they have now?

Given that it’s still quite new, HappyDragons mainly offers basic reptile care information and a vetted reptile marketplace.

HappyDragons care pages are overseen by myself in tandem with experienced, welfare-oriented breeders. While these care pages are nowhere near as comprehensive as ReptiFiles’ care guides, they are designed for maximum digestibility while still providing high-quality information.

The HappyDragons reptile marketplace is a one-of-a-kind feature designed to filter scammers and help prospective reptile owners find and support reputable reptile breeders who prioritize their animals’ wellbeing over profits. By promoting positive welfare-focused breeders, we hope to encourage reptile breeders across the industry to hold themselves to a higher standard. 

Where are they going?

Soon, HappyDragons will be launching a powerful care-tracking app designed to help reptile owners take better care of their pets while also being fun and easy to use! It will take a year or so

If you’ve been keeping reptiles for a while, you’ve probably tried out a care tracking app or two in your time. You might have one downloaded to your phone right now. The difference with the HappyDragons app is that it’s custom-designed by professional app developers and extensively tested for optimum user experience. I’ve seen the user flows and screenshots almost from the very beginning, and let me tell you: this is going to be the best care tracking app you’ve ever seen.

This app will also eventually have a community feature where you can share pictures of your pet, participate in moderated community forums, and engage with other reptile owners! 

Click the video below to view an exclusive preview!

HappyDragons is also working on developing an online store where you can purchase high-quality reptile enclosures and supplies tested and trusted by experts such as myself, and they’re even in the process of creating reptile husbandry-specific smart tech. Smart tech-supported reptile care really is the future of better reptile husbandry, and I’m super excited to be part of this aspect of the project in particular.

Oh, and as if that’s not enough, they have the CUTEST pixel reptile designs you’ve ever seen! (yes, they will be made available as stickers)

How will this affect ReptiFiles?

It can be scary when a brand you love announces that they’re partnering with someone you don’t yet recognize or trust. After all, partnerships can change brands — sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse.

I want to reassure you that ReptiFiles’ partnership with HappyDragons is NOT another way of saying that HappyDragons has bought me out, or that HappyDragons will have control over ReptiFiles from this point on. I have agreed to work with HappyDragons as a way to expand ReptiFiles’ influence and further my goal of making high-quality reptile care information more accessible in order to turn high-quality reptile husbandry into common practice.

What this partnership means:

  • HappyDragons has permission to use ReptiFiles’ full content library
  • I will be lending input on HappyDragons’ reptile husbandry-related content
  • I will have a say in decisions that potentially affect reptile welfare

What this partnership does not mean:

  • ReptiFiles’ content quality will decrease
  • ReptiFiles will stop publishing new content
  • I am abandoning ReptiFiles for HappyDragons
  • HappyDragons now controls ReptiFiles

Exciting things are coming for the reptile industry, and I’m so excited to be part of making that happen — not only with ReptiFiles, but also with HappyDragons.