What You Need to Know About Plant Lighting for Bioactive Vivariums

600x400 feature bioactive plant lights

Plant lights are often recommended — even required — for bioactive enclosures. Many new keepers will ask, “Why do I need a plant light? Doesn’t the UVB light already provide enough light?” As a bioactive reptile keeper, you need to know how to care for your reptile as well as the plants that share its enclosure. Learn about why plants need light and how you can meet their needs here! Continue Reading


I Added the Clean Up Crew to My Bioactive — Now What?

One of the more common issues that new bioactive reptile keepers face is the disappearance of their clean up crew after being placed in the terrarium. Just because they can’t see them anymore, people will worry that the clean up crew is now dead, ripping apart their setup to figure out what happened to them, only to find them alive and well deep in the soil or nestled somewhere in the biodegradables. In this guest post, The Bio Dude provides some quick tips for establishing your clean up crew. Continue Reading