You Know You’re a Reptile Person When…

You’re not fazed by the dead rodents in your freezer…or the grubs in your fridge.

frozen rats

Surprisingly, you get used to it pretty quick.

You find yourself cheering more for the dragon (good or evil) than the hero.

Smaug from The Hobbit

He is fire, he is death…he is freaking majestic!

You question when is the “right time” to introduce new friends to your hobby.

Jurassic World entrance

2 weeks? A month? Day 1?

You plan your life around reptile expos.

Wasatch Reptile Expo flyer

(and your bank account)

Your life’s mission is figuring out how to mask the reptile smell in your house.

Scentsy candle warmer and wax

Thank heaven for Scentsy.

You bypass the puppies and kitten at the pet store and head straight for the lizards and snakes.

Petsmart normal ball python


Speaking of pet stores, you judge them by their treatment of the resident herps.

leopard geckos on sand

If you ever see this, RUN.

Crazy cat ladies got nothing on you.

crazy reptile person

Your dream home includes a room like this:

dream reptile room

and this:

awesome reptile room

Ah, the agonies of being a reptile person…

And you know that the non-reptile lovers are just missing out.

Reptile person cuddling with her bearded dragon

How do YOU know you’re a reptile person? Tell us in the comments!