What Kind of Water is Best for Reptiles?

At first glance, water is water. It isn’t complicated — or is it? There’s tap water, softened water, spring water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water…I guess it is a complicated topic after all! There are many ways we use water as reptile keepers: cleaning enclosures and accessories, filling the water bowl, misting, watering plants, etc. Does the type of water that you use for these tasks matter, or will any water do the job? Are any of them dangerous?

In this article, I do an investigation on the differences between types of water, and what kind of water is best for reptiles — if there’s even such a thing. Read over the pros and cons in my article over at The Bio Dude here: https://www.thebiodude.com/blogs/the-science-behind-the-soils/all-water-is-not-equal-the-art-of-watering-your-pet-reptile-and-water-features

This article was written by Mariah Healey exclusively for use by The Bio Dude and originally published on February 3, 2022.

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