Wasatch Reptile Expo 2017 — Spring’s Top 10

Remember how I said I would have business cards for the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo? I totally nailed it. Look at this beauty. ↓

ReptiFiles business card design

Thanks to Vistaprint for making it all possible!

I also got an official ReptiFiles tee shirt, but forgot to get one for Chad too….it was embarrassing. In my defense, he forgot too haha. We always have October, right?

In the end, we didn’t give out as many business cards as I hoped, but I met a lot of great people, and that’s success enough for me. 🙂

How going to the Reptile Expo feels - Wasatch Reptile Expo Spring 2017

Adapted from “How Going to the Mall Feels” by Sarah’s Scribbles

10. Caiman lizard @ Mark’s Ark

Mark’s Ark is always a good vendor to visit, if only for the sheer variety! This time around I was most excited about the juvenile caiman lizard, but they also had a green tree monitor and a couple blue tongue skinks.

Juvenile caiman lizard at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Cutie! Fun fact: Caiman lizards are also known as water tegus.

9. Giant crested gecko by Beziman Geckos

If you’re not familiar with crested geckos, the average adult crestie is about 8 inches long and weighs between 45-60g. But at this spring’s expo, Beziman Geckos brought an adult female who was 12 inches long and 109g!!! Not obese. Not crossbred with a leachie. Just. Huge!

I pray they will have success with breeding her, because I want colossal cresteds to become a thing.

Giant crested gecko at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Pics really cannot capture just how HUGE this girl is. I should have brought a ruler.

8. Gorgeous red iguana @ Seaquest Interactive Aquarium

Seaquest has been putting forth a good show since their first appearance last fall. I missed Zeus the savannah monitor, but was glad to see they brought their stunning (and tame!) red iguana.

Seaquest's male red iguana at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Isn’t he handsome?

7. WRIKS (Wasatch Reptile & Invertebrate Keepers Society)

Between a super sweet snuggler of a savvy named Jabba the Chubbs and a black throat monitor named Manny, WRIKS’ petting zoo game was on point. The society members were also personable and happy to talk about everything from husbandry to tattoos.

ReptiFiles with savannah monitor, black throat monitor, and mossy leaf tailed gecko - WRIKS

Left: Subadult savannah monitor, Top right: Mossy leaf tailed gecko, Bottom right: Juvenile black throat monitor

6. Scales & Tails

Scales & Tails is always a highlight of the expo, with rare display animals like a gila monster and African rock python. Their employees were also fun to talk to—I had a great conversation with one of their educators while handling Buddha, their wonderful 10.5′ male Burmese python. I was happy to see that they brought their kookaburra this time! He was happy to laugh for us.

ReptiFiles with burmese python, gila monster, and sulcata tortoise at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Left: Mariah officially has big snake fever. Top right: Gila monster. Bottom right: Sulcata tortoise.

5. Terrarium Art

Terrarium Art sells flawless pre-made terrariums modeled after tropical, forest, and desert environments. But particularly interesting this time around were their storage bins-turned-terrariums! Not sure how they did it, but I need to figure it out because glass terrariums are freaking heavy, not to mention expensive.

Terrarium Art products at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Left: Desert terrarium design (snake is a toy), Right: Tropical/forest design, Bottom: Storage bin converted to terrarium

I also fell in love with a chuckwalla hybrid they had for sale. If I had $750 to spend, that big hunk of love would have been MINE.

Chuckwalla hybrid at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Never did find out what he was a hybrid of…

4. Bone Beetle

The award for most interesting vendor goes to Bone Beetle. With snake vertebra bracelets, framed invertebrates, preserved fetuses, a complete bat skeleton, reptile skulls, and a jarred gaboon viper, their table was an absolute must-see!

Framed invertebrates for sale at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

So cool. Loved the butterflies!


Bat skeleton for sale at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Yes, that is an actual bat skeleton. In a lantern. Hanging upside-down.

3. Upscalez Dragons

Upscalez is a very promising new bearded dragon breeder for the area. Typically I don’t endorse beardie breeders, as they’re typically amateur operations that do nothing but damage an already oversaturated market. But the woman behind the operation, Amy, is extremely knowledgeable and all of her stock were the healthiest, happiest bearded dragons I’ve seen. If you’re in the market for a baby beardie, hit her up!

Bearded dragons for sale at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Left: Juvenile dunner bearded dragon. Right: Juvenile hypo bearded dragon. Bottom: Female bearded dragon, one of Upscalez primary breeders.

2. Red Rock Retics

Red Rock Retics is the best breeder of superdwarf reticulated pythons in Utah, and quite possibly the entire United States. The breeder, named Richard, is a genuine snake whisperer who has been around retics for over 50 years. The result? All of his pythons are ultra tame, and respect him as much as he respects them. One day I will be ready for a retic, and then I will buy one of his white phase albino superdwarfs. His current stock is at roughly 87% superdwarf, and his goal is to reach over 90%.

Reticulated pythons for sale at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Top: Purple sunchild retic. Right and Bottom: White phase albino superdwarfs.


1. Gargoyle Queen Reptiles

Gargoyle Queen took first place this spring, thanks to some absolutely STUNNING gargoyle geckos they brought to the expo. They weren’t for sale, but projections are that they’ll have high red and high blotch babies next year. I can’t wait!

Gargoyle gecko morphs at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

My photos really don’t do these geckos justice.

Congratulations to the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo top 10! Thanks for making it a good show.

Honorable Mentions


Yellow belly pastel spider ball python at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Yellow belly pastel spider ball python by S & K Reptiles

Wasatch Snake Removal attending the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Wasatch Snake Removal made an appearance! They gave out tons of excellent educational material, and familiarized visitors with gopher snakes (a very common species around here).

Honduran curly hair tarantula at the Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo

True to my goal, I held another tarantula—a Honduran curly hair with Kim’s Cold Blooded Creatures. I am proud to say that I was less freaked out this time! Also, my husband held a tarantula! There was quite a bit of swearing involved, but hey, progress is still progress. 😉