What if Tinder Profiles Were Like Reptile Ads?

If you’re a reptile person, chances are that you check the reptile section of your local classifieds just as often as you check Facebook (or more). There’s always the same cliches, euphemisms, and excuses. It’s like a whole new language — and you’re fluent.

What if we took those cliches and euphemisms out of context? …..On Tinder, perhaps?

The “Need Gone Now”

The “Rare Morph”

The “Needs Work”

The “Must See in Person”What if Tinder was like reptile ads? - Kelly, 38

The “Wife Says”

The “Proven Breeder”

The “Pregnancy Announcement”

The “Kids Lost Interest”

The “Better Than I Deserve”

The “Rescue”reptile rescue tinder ad

…But in all seriousness, no hate intended toward reptile classified ads. Buying rehomed animals and adopting from local rescues helps combat overbreeding, prevents inhumane reptile “dumping,” preserves local ecosystems, and gives otherwise unwanted reptiles a second chance at life.

If you’re considering a “used” reptile as your next addition, check out our article: “On Reptile Adoption — aka ‘Used’ Reptiles.”

Are any of your reptiles adopted/rescued/rehomed?

Tell us your story in the comments!

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