Rising From the Dead

In case you’re wondering – we’re not dead! Just…trying to get our act back together.

In February, the hosting contract for ReptiFiles’ old url, ALittleBitofEverythingPlease.com, expired. And due to several factors, we were unaware of our impending doom until we got a rude little message informing us that the site had expired.

It took a little bit to scrape ourselves off the floor and (finally) purchase ReptiFiles.com. I didn’t take the loss of my baby very well….

The good news? We finally had our own domain to call home!

The bad news? The backup file was a month out of date. And as irony would have it, we did a lot of work on the site during that month, and we lost it all.

Between realizing that I would have to rewrite everything and then starting a new job, recovery hasn’t been as graceful as it should have been, and I thank you for your patience and support during that process. The old posts, like What Iguana Keepers Want You to Know and What You Need to Know About Supplements, will be back soon. And then we’ll be back to our weekly posting schedule! Yaaaay!

The Spring 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo is in just 3 weeks!!!!