Christmas Gifts for Reptile Lovers — ReptiFiles’ 2019 Shopping Guide

Pins, socks, and tee-shirts are cute and all, but when it comes to choosing great gifts for reptile lovers, creativity shows just how much you care — even if you don’t share their passion for reptiles. 

To make your search easier (believe me, Googling “reptile gifts” doesn’t work as well as it should), we’ve put together a list of ideas for all tastes, from the sentimental to the sophisticated. And if that special reptile person you’re shopping for just happens to be you — hey, self-care is all the rage these days!

This year’s gift ideas are divided into categories for easier shopping:

Reptile Gift Ideas for Adults

Reptile Gift Ideas for Kids

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Reptile Gift Ideas for Adults


Reptile Playing Cards

Does the reptile lover in your life love a good game of cards? From “Go Fish” to poker, it’s always nice to have a favorite deck to play with.

Available at Kickstarter

3D Reptile Puzzles

reptile lego kits for adults - gifts for reptile lovers 2019

If the reptile person in your life also likes Legos, then they’ll love these little build-your-own-reptile 3D puzzles.

Available in:




Ramen Reptiles offers a selection of adorable reptile figurines for use as tiny statuettes or pendants. Choose your favorite from their current stock or commission a custom piece!

Available from Ramen Reptiles on Etsy

Crystal Serpent Earrings

snake earrings - gifts for reptile lovers 2019

When I first saw these earrings, I knew I had to have them. And then when I uploaded a picture to ReptiFiles’ Instagram, tons of my followers demanded to know where I had got them. So here they are! Perfect for anyone who loves reptiles and a good pair of statement earrings.

Available at Wyverns Hoard

Dragon Ring

dragon ring - gifts for reptile lovers 2019

Dragons may not be real, but they’re still reptiles, and if you ask any reptile lover if they’re also into dragons, they’ll probably say “yes.” If your friend daydreams about having a tiny dragon companion to accompany them everywhere they go, this is the gift for them.

Available from MasterLynxTassi on Etsy

Snake Print Apple Watch Band

snake apple watch band - gifts for reptile lovers 2019

Does your reptile-loving friend have an Apple Watch? Snake print is all the rage this season (or so they tell me), so this watchband will make a fashionable accessory that also subtly expresses their personality.

Available at Amazon

Reptile Print Women's Wallet

If your reptile-loving friend is female and could use a fashionable new wallet — tada, your search is over. This high-capacity wallet is available in colorful snake print or your choice of black or yellow alligator print. (Not real reptile skin.)

Available at Amazon

Crocodilian Print Men's Wallet

gifts for reptile lovers 2019 - alligator crocodile mens wallet

If your reptile-loving friend prefers a slimmer, more pocket-friendly wallet — well, it doesn’t get much cooler than this.

Available at Amazon


Lizard Mugs by Dr. Mark D. Scherz

If you never see your reptile-loving friend without a hot beverage in hand, then this is the gift for them. As a bonus, proceeds from these mugs go toward supporting Dr. Mark D. Scherz’s herpetological research in Madagascar!

Available on Redbubble

Framed Snake Taxidermy

carpet python

Some people find taxidermy creepy or gross. Other people see it as a way to immortalize the natural beauty of animals. If your reptile-loving friend is in the latter category, snake taxidermy makes for a gorgeous and thoughtful gift that will never be forgotten.

Browse Christopher Marley’s gallery here

Reptile Photography Prints

ZTHphoto is an up-and-coming animal photographer who has captured the beauty of many different reptile and amphibian species through their lens. A framed version of one of their prints makes for a stunning gift for any reptile lover.

Available at ZTHphoto on Etsy

Dragon Sculptures

Dragon Farm offers a whimsical variety of colorful dragon figurines and pendants for all dragon enthusiasts.

Available at the Dragon Farm



"A Primer on Reptiles & Amphibians" by Micha Petty

gifts for reptile lovers 2019 - primer on reptiles and amphbians

A Primer on Reptiles & Amphibians is the groundbreaking new book authored by Micha Petty of the Louisiana Exotic Animal Research Network (L.E.A.R.N.). It contains a variety of useful information on reptile and amphibians, as well as valuable tips for first-time herpers and reptile owners. A great gift for adults and children alike.

Available on Amazon

"FIRE: The Sun & Its Use and Replication Within Reptile Keeping" by John Courteney-Smith

fire by john courteney smith

John Courteney-Smith is the mastermind behind Arcadia Reptile, the world’s leading producer of UVB and other lighting, and the author of four groundbreaking books on reptile husbandry. Fire is his most recent publication, the first in a series addressing the four elements of Wild Re-Creation in reptile husbandry. This book talks about the light spectrum, what makes UVB so important to reptiles, and how to fully replicate sunlight in a reptile enclosure. Highly recommended reading for all reptile keepers!

Available at Light Your Reptiles


Reptile Gift Ideas for Kids

You don’t have to be grown up to appreciate reptiles! Here’s our 2019 picks for holiday gifts for young reptile lovers.


Steve Irwin Funko Pop! Figurine

gifts for reptile lovers 2019 - steve irwin funko pop

Funko Pop! figurines are popular with kids and adults alike. If your reptile-loving friend is a collector or just a big Steve Irwin fan, this is the perfect gift for them.

Available on Amazon

Enormous Chameleon Grow-Toy

gifts for reptile lovers 2019 - lizard grow toy

Grow toys are always a fun gift for small children. This chameleon-like lizard is sure to appeal to young reptile lovers, and its small starting size makes for a great stocking stuffer!

Available on Amazon

Lifelike Rubber Snakes

Toys can be one of the best ways to teach young children about the responsibility of caring for a pet reptile without risking the life of a live animal. If the young reptile-lover in your life wants a snake, get them one of these rubber replicas and a basic enclosure first to put them to the test. These also simply make for great toys! Click the link for the one you like best:

Giant Emerald Tree Boa Plush

Snake plushes are a great way to introduce young children to snakes in a friendly, nonthreatening way. Warning — they might end up hooked! 😉

Available on Amazon

Giant Burmese Python Plush

gifts for reptile lovers 2019 - giant snake plush

If a 14′ snake plush is a bit too much, this 9.5′ burmese python plush offers all the appeal of a naturalistic snake toy in a more manageable, but still delightful, size.

Available on Amazon


Lifelike Lizard Stickers

What kid doesn’t like stickers? These lifelike reptile sticker booklets make great stocking stuffers! Click the link for the one(s) you like best:

Snakes of the World Coloring Book

gifts for reptile lovers 2019 - snake coloring book

Coloring books are a great way to keep kids busy, and when you’re coloring in realistic, labeled animals, they can also be educational. A great gift for anyone who likes to color, whether old or young!

Available on Amazon

Reptiles & Amphibians Coloring Book

gifts for reptile lovers 2019 - snake coloring book

If the artistic reptile-lover in your life likes both reptiles and amphibians, this coloring book is the way to go.

Available on Amazon

Learn to Draw Reptiles & Amphibians Book

gifts for reptile lovers - how to draw book

If the young reptile lover in your life seems to never stop drawing, this book is a great first step to learning how to draw lifelike reptiles and amphibians.

Available on Amazon

Remember, pets do NOT make good Christmas gifts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!