Reptile Gift Ideas for the Reptile People in Your Life — Christmas 2018

It’s that time of year again!

Mugs and tee-shirts are great and all, but when it comes to Christmas gifts, creativity shows just how much you care — even if you don’t share their passion for reptiles. To make your search easier (believe me, Googling “reptile gifts” doesn’t work as well as it should), we’ve put together a list of ideas for all tastes, from the sentimental to the sophisticated. To make it a little easier this year, we’ve divided our picks into categories:

  • Reptile Art
  • Reptile Jewelry
  • Reptile-Themed Household Items
  • Miscellaneous Reptile Goodies
  • Reptile Care

And if the special reptile person you’re shopping for happens to be you — hey, we don’t judge. 😉

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V Steiner

Veronica Steiner is a watercolor illustrator who offers a variety of unique and gorgeous reptile art on her store, as well as other animals.

Browse here or contact her here to request a commission!


Noah Bounds Studios

Noah Bounds is an animal artist who works primarily in watercolor to create beautifully lifelike portraits of his subjects. Although the examples we have here are of crested geckos, he has also painted snakes, chameleons, leopard geckos, and non-reptile subjects.

Contact him for a commission on his Facebook page.




Dragon Scale Ring

dragon scale ring - reptile gifts for Christmas

This ring is sterling silver and comes in sizes 5-9 for the thin band and sizes 5-10.5 for the wide band. A super cool but understated way to express your love for all things scaly.

You can find the thin band here and the wide band here.

Snake Choker Necklace

snake choker necklace - reptile gifts for Christmas

According to the creator, Lifesong Jewelry, snakes symbolize rebirth, transformation, and healing. Not sure about that (although it’s good to see a positive association for once), but I do know that this necklace would make a great gift for anyone in your life who loves both snakes and sparkly things.

Get it now in gold or silver

Lizard Ear Gauge

lizard gauge earring - reptile gifts for Christmas

Does your reptile-loving friend wear gauge earrings? In that case, they should be delighted by these gauges featuring a lizard in the middle. Available in sizes 8-16mm.

Get it now 




Turtle Mug

gifts for reptile lovers 2019 - turtle mug

What’s better than coffee for waking you up in the morning? How about a little sea turtle in your coffee! Get several for warm get-togethers with your favorite reptile people.

Available at Amazon


Welcome Sign

These adorable welcome signs by Wildfrogcreazioni are a great gift for those who aren’t afraid to let the whole world know that they’re passionate about reptiles. For less outspoken folks, they’re also perfect for labeling a reptile room door. Available designs include snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodilians.

Browse on Etsy




Felted Reptile Sculpture

felt leopard gecko sculpture - reptile gifts for Christmas

Olgalai creates lifelike animal sculptures from felted wool, clay, or mixed media. Realistic or fantasy, give her your vision for the project and she will bring it to life!

Request a commission here


Reptile Magnets and Stickers

reptile stickers - reptile gifts for Christmas

There’s something oddly compelling about stickers, and magnets aren’t much different. NadilynBeatosArt offers a huge selection of beautifully designed reptile stickers and magnets that make perfect stocking stuffers.

Available on Etsy


Skyfire Creations

Skyfire Creations creates adorable hand crocheted and painted animal replicas. She’s done a wide variety of reptiles, from ball pythons and crested geckos to more unusual species like desert horned vipers and tegus.

Contact her for a custom order here

Anatomika Science

Helen Kairo is a veterinary technician who dissects deceased reptiles to advance modern understanding of reptile anatomy, physiology, and the various ills that can affect them. Her Etsy store sells educational posters, diaphonized animals, liquid specimens, and other miscellaneous items of interest priced between $15-$250.

Browse her collection on Etsy.




Reptile Care

There are lots of great reptile care products out there, (if you want to see a full list, check out Our Favorite Products), but there are a few that really changed the game for us in our reptile room. Your favorite reptile enthusiast is sure to love them as much as we do!


Magnaturals is a set of functional reptile decor products that maximize the available space in your reptile enclosures by adhering to enclosure walls with super strong magnets. This makes removal for cleaning very easy, and unlike suction cups which are notorious for falling off, these are strong enough for you not to have to worry about your reptile taking a fall!

Shop Magnaturals on Amazon

Solarmeter 6.5R

Solarmeters measure the strength of the UV that your UVB bulbs are producing. This helps make sure that your reptile isn’t getting too much or too little UVA or UVB, which makes it the perfect tool for measuring your enclosure’s UV gradient. An absolute must-have for serious reptile keepers, and the perfect way to make your favorite reptile person VERY happy this Christmas.

Available on Amazon


Arcadia Books

Arcadia Reptile is a global leader in reptile husbandry and research. So far they’ve published 3 books on their findings, and they’ve been revolutionary for us here at ReptiFiles.

Get one, two, or all three! A must have for any reptile keeper’s bookshelf.


Remember, reptiles are NOT Christmas gifts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!