7 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Reptile Healthy

When you’re planning for a pet reptile, one of the expenses that must be considered is veterinary care. Of course, let’s be real, vets can get expensive — and that can be intimidating! While it’s never a good idea to avoid going to the vet when needed, there are ways to reduce the number of trips you’ll have to make over the course of your pet’s lifespan. The secret? Simply keeping your reptile healthy!

But what does it take to keep a reptile in good condition? What are the most important factors that contribute to long-term reptile health and wellbeing? This article contains seven of my best tips for keeping your reptile healthy. Read it at The Bio Dude here: https://www.thebiodude.com/blogs/helpful-husbandry-faqs/7-ways-to-keep-your-herp-healthy

This article was written by Mariah Healey exclusively for use by The Bio Dude and originally published on October 5, 2020.

keeping your reptile healthy - tips

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