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Further Reading

  • — Very informative site with extensive information on the different species of the Boa genus. Sebastian Holch, one of the site’s authors, was an invaluable contributor to this guide. The authors breed boas, and this is one of the only places where you can get some of the rarest boas in the world.
  • — Another very informative site on the different Boa species and subspecies. The author of this site also breeds boas.
  • Boa Constrictor Keepers — (Facebook group) Friendly but frank community of knowledgeable boa keepers. Quick to answer questions, and the files are very good.
  • Crispy Snakes — (blog) Great breeder with great info. Also a great place to go if you’re looking for purebred locales and BC subspecies!
  • Reptile Knowledge — Collection of articles on the ins and out of boa care.
  • The Complete Boa Constrictor by Vincent Russo — (book)
  • Vida Preciosa International — Quick guide to caring for Boa imperator from an experienced breeder’s perspective. Lots of great info on pattern variation for this species.

Scientific Research

Spatial considerations for captive snakes by Clifford Warwick, Phillip Arena, and Catrina Steedman. Published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Volume 30, March-April 2019, pages 37-48. Published online on 13 Dec 2018.

Red-Tailed Boa Care Guide

  1. Introduction to Boas
  2. Members of the Boa Genus
  3. Red-Tailed Boa Shopping List & Starter Kit
  4. How to Select and Buy a Pet Boa
  5. Enclosure Size
  6. Lighting & UVB Requirements
  7. Temperature Requirements
  8. Humidity Requirements
  9. Substrate Options
  10. Enclosure Decor & Environmental Enrichment
  11. Feeding Your Boa
  12. Taming & Handling Tips
  13. Common Illnesses & Other Health Information
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