Your Leopard Gecko Shopping List

For your convenience, we have put together a leopard gecko starter kit with supplies proven to facilitate the best health of your new pet. In other words, we’ve essentially done the shopping for you! ?

Although leopard geckos are commonly recommended as a “first pet” for children and adults alike, please note that even the easiest reptiles can be expensive and high-maintenance to keep. If you are not prepared to purchase everything required for the health and wellbeing of a leopard gecko, this is not the pet for you.

Click the link for each item to see which specific products we recommend.

Approximate investment before leopard gecko purchase: $520-$625 USD

Keep in mind that everything should be purchased and set up BEFORE you get the gecko. This will save you a lot of stress, and does your new pet a big favor, too.

We also recommend finding an experienced reptile veterinarian in your area. It’s always better to do a little bit of research when nothing’s wrong than to find yourself in a panic when your pet gets sick. Start here: Finding the Reptile Vet of Your Dreams.


Leopard Gecko Care:

  1. Introduction to Leopard Geckos
  2. Shopping List (YOU ARE HERE)
  3. Terrarium Size and Cohabitation
  4. Lighting, Temperature & Humidity Needs
  5. Substrate (Bedding) Options
  6. Decorating Your Leopard Gecko’s Enclosure
  7. What to Feed Your Leopard Gecko
  8. Handling Tips & Leopard Gecko Body Language
  9. Common Diseases, Illnesses & Other Health Questions
  10. Additional Resources

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