• constipation
  • bloated belly
  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • dark blue spot on side or belly


  • eating insects that are too big
  • illness
  • low temperatures
  • dehydration
  • parasites

Contrary to popular belief, sand does *not* cause impaction! In fact, food-related impaction is more common, and a mixture of sand and soil can be one of the best substrates for leopard geckos. Substrate impaction only occurs when the gecko is ill due to other factors, like low basking temperature, dehydration, or a parasitic infestation, and the gut is unable to function properly.


Give the gecko a warm bath while gently massaging its belly. Administering a drop of olive oil or mineral oil orally can also help. If the blockage doesn’t pass, make an appointment with your vet. Surgery may be needed to save the gecko.


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