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Recommended Reading

10 Basic Rules for Keeping Pet ReptilesThe Exotic Pet Vet Blog

Ethical Reptile Keeping by Olimpia Martinotti, Much Ado About Chameleons

  1. A Case Against Minimalist Keeping
  2. A Case for Environmental Enrichment in Reptiles
  3. A Case for Ethical Breeding

The Joy of Snakes: The Truth About Snakes in Utah by David Jensen, Wasatch Snake Removal

The Many Moods of the Chameleon, Illustrated in Color

Personal Herpetoculture and Related Reference Library compiled by Melissa Kaplan

Melissa Kaplan’s Published Works

Water Treatment Precautions: Hard vs Soft (Filtered) Water

How to Run Your Own Fecal Tests by Sarah Southerland, Sarah’s Bearded Dragon Rescue

Ultraviolet Light and Reptiles, AmphibiansJournal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery


Advancing Herpetological Husbandry — Facebook group dedicated to providing the best care for reptiles in captivity, not just basic care. If you like ReptiFiles, you’ll love this group. — The ultimate reptile resource. Melissa Kaplan (the author) is definitely one of the patron deities of modern herpetoculture.

How to Measure Your Snake — An easy to use widget that measures your snake based on pictures.

Legless Army — A Tumblr blog with a “strong focus on the welfare of reptiles in captivity, including enclosure design and how and why keepers should provide species appropriate environmental enrichment. It is important we keep learning and updating standards of care within herptoculture based on scientific evidence so our animals can THRIVE and have a good quality of life. Not just survive.”

Reptile Lighting — Educational Facebook group made by the authors of the UV Guide website.

United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) — “An education, conservation and advocacy organization for herpetofauna… promoting awareness, responsible care & professional unity.”

United States Herpetoculture Alliance — Discussing the political future of herpetoculture in the United States.

UV Guide — All the information you could possibly want about UV light and how much your reptile needs. A must-read!

UV Tool — Guide to UVB for pet reptiles, includes a chart comparing UVB output of 24 different lamps.

Reptile Rescues

Even if you can’t adopt, donations are always appreciated!

American Tortoise Rescue — Based in Malibu, California. Specializes in turtles and tortoises.

Arrowhead Reptile Rescue — Serves the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana area. Does not ship.

California Turtle & Tortoise Club — Based in Van Nuys, California. Specializes in turtles and tortoises.

Eden Animal Sanctuary — Based in Spring Branch, Texas. Specializes in turtles and tortoises. Does not ship.

Herps Alive Foundation — Based in South Euclid, Ohio. Accepts volunteers.

Land Turtle & Tortoise Rescue — Based in Nampa, Idaho. Specializes in turtles and tortoises. Will ship for the right adopter.

Sarah’s Bearded Dragon Rescue — Based in Utah, with a sister branch in California. Willing to ship to approved adoptive “parents.”

Texas Reptile and Small Animal Rescue — Based near Houston, Texas. Does not ship.